ATRUD Meets Stakeholders in Education

Meeting stakeholders in the education sector.

In line with the importance of prioritizing education, the Founder and President of ATRUD, N. E Tabort was one of the guests of honor at a panel discussion “A Global Perspective on Chinese Education Globalizing.”

The event, co-organized by four prominent Chambers of Commerce in China: The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCHAM), The African Chamber of Commerce (AfCHAM), The British Chamber of Commerce (BritCHAM) and The Danish Chamber of Commerce (DCCC), took place in Shanghai at the conference room of AmCham on September 24th 2019.

Stakeholders in education from the four Chambers came together to shed light on global issues regarding education with emphases on how Chinese education is expanding across the globe. Representing AfCham, Chairperson D. Nkwetato Tamonkia, panelist at the discussion, brought to light, the imbalance in educational exchange between Africa and other continents of the world.

ATRUD’s vision of better education for rural areas as well as projects were introduced to strategic partners with similar goals at the event. Vocational education was one of the key points that was discussed by panelists, a sector in education that ATRUD considers to be a major priority. Potential partners appreciated ATRUD’s mission and promised to reach out to ATRUD for collaboration. In return, ATRUD’s Founder and President, promised to organize an event in the near future in which specific educational projects in rural areas will be discussed.

As a non-governmental organization, ATRUD is committed to solving some of the numerous problems plaguing education in the rural areas through fundraising campaigns, assembling and managing volunteers on the field.