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Children of Graceland Orphanage Receive Christmas Gifts
Partners of ATRUD donate end-of-year gifts to Graceland Orphanage in Limbe, Southwest region, Cameroon.

             To mark the end of the difficult year 2022, team ATRUD organized a series of field trips carried out by volunteers to investigate and collect information regarding vulnerable groups such as orphans, internally displaced persons (IDPs), school dropouts, street children, abandoned elderly persons and persons suffering from incurable diseases and disabilities. The objective of the project was to survey these vulnerable groups and understand their problems with the hope of finding solutions to some of the problems. One of such cases was Graceland Orphanage at Mile 2 Limbe. Full reports on the field trips will be available in our subsequent publications here on our blog page.

            Graceland Orphanage was founded by Pastor, Mama Lydia and has children studying both in primary and secondary schools. The youngest orphan is 2years old. Most of the children lack good education because they don't have basic materials likes books. 

            Thanks to ATRUD partners, donors and sympathizers, living and working abroad, Mr. Foster Oben, Ms. Eva Mattheeussen and Ms. Sue Donoghu, in collaboration with team ATRUD in Cameroon, led by Mr. Tabot Leonel, the children of Graceland Orphanage were able to receive end-of-year gifts like food items and study materials. In addition to the items, some of the children were promised training courses like the Computer Training Course currently going on at ATRUD.

              Special thanks also go to the team of ATRUD volunteers, most of them students of the University of Buea, led by Miss Sandra Ayinkeng who took time off their busy schedules to go to the field, interview and collect information on people in need in different areas. Their role in organizing ATRUD activities is indispensable. ATRUD encourages students, especially those studying majors related to humanitarian work to apply for internship or volunteer work at ATRUD.

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