Hiring new staff for the new office in Limbe-Southwest region of Cameroon

ATRUD hires new staff for its new office in Limbe coastal town – Southwest region – Cameroon.

ATRUD has a new office location at Checkpoint, Mile 4 Limbe, a coastal town in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. The new office is strategic and intends to handle projects in the entire Southwest Region and parts of the Littoral Region.

To man this new office ATRUD management has launched a recruitment of three key staff members: An Area Manager, A Front desk Officer and a Sales Assistant.  These three shall be tasked with handling the day-to-day affairs of ATRUD and key ATRUD projects.

According to ATRUD's President, the recruitment of these three key staff doesn't stop the recruitment of volunteers and part time freelancers when the need arises in specific projects as has been done before.

Applicants that are considered fit for the positions shall be shortlisted, contacted and interviewed. Persons hired are very likely to a short period of probation to determine whether they are suitable for the positions they hold before the signing of a permanent contract.

Applicants that are not considered for any of the three positions listed are not rejected completely, according to ATRUD. Their files are kept in the ATRUD database and when new openings come up they are contacted first of their profiles fit the new openings.  Do not despair then if you are an applicant and have not been called up for interview. Keep your CV with us. You never know when a new project comes up, needing your expertise.

New office recruitment flyer