Meet the ATRUD Core Team

These are the men and women who have been sacrificing to make sure that ATRUD can change lives and empower communities.

Alex Founder - ATRUD
N. E Tabort.

Humanitarian, Founder and President of ATRUD

 “We don’t focus too much on how big our humanitarian projects are. As long as a life can be made better we go for it. We don’t wait for millions before going to the field. We engage projects with every penny we have as soon as we can because 1 minute can save a life. You are welcome to meet Team ATRUD."

Ms. Moussa E. Glory

Vice President, Cameroon

Ms. Bai Yi Hua

Coordinator, Shanghai, China

Leonel profile pic
Mr. Ebot Leonel Tabot

Coordinator, Cameroon

Oru Foster Oben
Mr. Oru Foster Oben

Coordinator, Middle East

Mrs. Marie Ndikum

Adviser, Cameroon

Florence profile pic
Ms. Kelen Florence

PR Officer, Cameroon

Vera profile
Ms. Akame Vera

Treasurer, Cameroon

Dee's Podcast
Mr. D. Nkwetato

Adviser, R & D, China

Mr. Halidou Moussa

PR Director, China.

You can become a member of our vibrant humanitarian community too and help change lives.