Successful ICT Training Program Launch

Relaunching ICT Training courses for adults and school dropouts.

Monday January 20th 2020 was the first day of training for the first group of trainees enrolled in various ICT courses that have been scheduled at the head office of ATRUD. The program that was announced one month ago successfully kicked off with over 50 trainees showing up interested in the programs.

Due to limitations in logistics and resources, trainees will have to study in small groups. The most urgent needs that will keep the program running smoothly include:

– More desktop or laptop computers needed: Currently there are only 7 desktop computers available with a fast-growing number of trainees. This seriously limits the learning ability of the learners as each learner can only access a computer for a very short time. More computers (brand new or second-hand), will be needed as soon as possible. The ideal case would be to have 1 computer per trainee.

– Computer accessories needed: An important part of the training program is to get learners to understand and master the use of not only computers but common accessories too. Technology and devices that work with computers are a very important part of the training program. Hence, donors who wish to donate not only computers can also consider all other accessories that go with computers such as: USBs, Overhead projectors, HDMI cables, external discs, CD Roms, Software CDs, PC Games, etc. We all have some of these things at home that we don’t use anymore. Send them over to ATRUD and help support this program.

– Training space needed: Another limitation for the program is training space. ATRUD is currently using head office space for training which is manageable as long as the number of trainees remains small but for more effective training, there will be need for a big room of at least 200 to 300 square meters that can host bigger numbers of trainees. Arrangements are being made for classrooms in some schools to be used on a temporary basis but considering the practical nature of ICT programs, the ideal thing would be to have a permanent room for training. We are looking for a donor who can donate a big room in Douala or its environs that can be used for the program. Alternatively we will have to rent such a room and that will be a big amount of money ATRUD can’t afford at this time.

– Financial Support: The easiest and most popular donation to come through fast and impact the victims so far has been money from our donors. Unlike material things that have to be shipped and take months to get to beneficiaries, donating money is a few clicks on the computer or a few taps on the phone. Every cent counts at ATRUD and what some donors consider to be too small can actually be life-changing to victims out there.

You can support the ongoing ICT program for adults and kids in any of the above mentioned ways. We shall continue to update on the progress of the program.