Summer Code Camp for Kids

Coding is the future. It is the best investment you can give a child right now, equivalent to giving that child a job 10years later.

Summer Code Camp for kids

ATRUD will be organizing a summer camp for kids aged 10 to 19 at the head office located at Checkpoint Mile 4 Limbe from August, 9th to 19th 2020. The program is organized in line with ATRUD's objective to empower youths with skills they need in order to sustain themselves.

This particular summer camp will have a new touch compared to trainings in past years. The focus will be on Python, one of the most popular coding languages of our time. Kids will be introduced to the program from Lesson 1 of Python Basics. The program will therefore be targeting children who have no knowledge of coding but basic knowledge of computer based operations is required. The intensive nature of the course will aim at making kids master how to execute basic coding tasks.

At the end of the course, participants will be awarded a beginners certificate of course completion which will then enable them to enroll in future more advanced courses in coding organized by ATRUD.