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Trinity Orphanage and IDPs receive aid package from PAD in partnership with ATRUD
In partnership with PAD, ATRUD assisted students and orphans in the Douala neighborhood.

On the 3rd of October 2020, at Bepanda, Douala, Port Autonome de Douala (PAD) in partnership with the Association for Training and Rural Development (ATRUD), reached out to the internally displaced and disadvantaged persons at Trinity Orphanage here in Bepanda _Douala. Most of them, children below 15 years and women, are victims of the crises in parts of Cameroon. The goal was to assist the children with back-to-school materials like; books, pens, pencils, math sets, chalk, rulers, etc.

The beneficiaries of the aid package, Trinity Orphanage and groups of IDPs, are only a small part of a long list of clusters of homeless persons fleeing in search for safety, food, medical care and shelter. ATRUD, keeps, manages and responds, in order of urgency, to the ever-growing list of persons and institutions in need of help in the region and even beyond the borders of Cameroon.

Port Autonome de Douala (PAD) representative from their communications department, while making the donation of the sum of 500,000frs CFA, wished ATRUD success in many more similar projects helping the needy. Cameroon Coordinator Ebot Leonel Tabot used the occasion to thank all those who made the donation possible. He thanked the Douala Port Authority(PAD)for reaching out to the IDPs and the orphans of Trinity Orphanage, and called on other big companies to rise up and reach out to the less-privileged materially or financially.

Port Autonome de Douala (PAD) is the first big company in Cameroon to show proof of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in partnership with ATRUD. If many more companies did the same, many more communities would be empowered and many more lives would be changed for the better.

If you are representing a company looking for ways to exercise some Corporate Social Responsibility, contact ATRUD for the list of available projects in various areas, from which you can choose one or two to sponsor.

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