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These rules are to help us have a smooth running community. Check them out before you start posting stuff.

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Many people don't like a website with no videos. Nowadays everything is in videos.

So take note of the following:

1. You can't upload videos directly from your computer or mobile phone onto this platform. That would terribly slow down the capacity of the platform.

2. To add a video you need to embed it from a popular video hosting platform like YouTube.

3. Choose a video on YouTube you want to share with our members here. Then click on "Share", YouTube will show you many share options. Choose the first option "Embed". After you click on Embed you will see a new box pop out with a "copy" button. Click on copy then come to this platform and right click on your mouse in order to paste the embed code in the box provided on the video page here.

4. Fill out the other information related to the video. Add good tags

5. Done, your video will play on the ATRUD platform and be viewed by all members.

Busy platform administration day. Testing and fixing some things that still don't work properly.

The more you guys add more content, the more we find out and fix.