Friends of ATRUD Party for a Good Cause

Partying with friends and sympathizers and fundraising

The Association for Training and Rural Development (ATRUD) successfully organized a fundraiser on Sunday, December 22nd 2019 in Jiading, Shanghai. The event brought together friends of ATRUD, donors, partners, sponsors and well-wishers who all committed to support ATRUD in assisting victims of the war in Cameroon.

In his 10 minutes address to the guests, ATRUD founder, N.E Tabort presented the association, its objectives, vision, achievements so far and upcoming projects. He concluded his speech with a showcase of some refugees, mostly children, who have been forced to drop out of school because of the ongoing conflict in Cameroon. He appealed to attendees to assist the children either by donating through ATRUD or by directly contacting the children and becoming their permanent sponsors. Other key speakers at the event were the AfCham Chairperson D. Nkwetato and Jiading elders like Prof. Ken, who all gave endorsement speeches in a show of support for ATRUD.

Entertainment was at its best thanks to guest star Blackbone, DJs, MCs Mike & Pepsy, not forgetting the delicious barbecue that accompanied the drinks throughout the night until about 3AM. Fundraising activities included “Cutting of the ATRUD Christmas Cake”, “Lucky Draw” and “Popping of ATRUD Champagnes.” During these activities, attendees were given the opportunity to donate or pledge any amount to support the good cause. About 1million Cfa Francs was raised in cash and pledges. When all checks and balances must have been done, ATRUD will publish details about funds raised and expenses covered so far.

ATRUD promises to organize many more fundraising events in the upcoming year 2020 and partner with many other organizations with the same vision for the betterment of people in rural areas.