Helping war victims in IKOM

Welcome to the Association for Training and Rural Development (ATRUD)

We at ATRUD have decided to dedicate our time, efforts, knowledge and resources to the betterment of the underprivileged, especially those in rural areas.

You too can join this humanitarian cause and create a positive impact wherever we are needed. Every one of us has something worthy to offer or share with another human being somewhere in the universe.

We do not help because we are rich or have more than enough. We do what we do because we believe by sharing there will be enough for everyone in the world. The world has an abundance of resources for every one that lives in it. Scarcity is just a product of selfishness.

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 We offer training programs

Our first goal is to educate and provide those in need with skills that can enable them carry out income-generating and sustainable activities. We target school dropouts, youths and adults who don't have access to education or can't afford to pay for the studies they need. We believe that good education is the key to an independent life without relying on the government.

We collaborate with hospitals and health centers

In collaboration with clinics, hospitals and health centers, we help the sick and disabled, especially those based in rural areas by providing them with basic health care, subsidies for hospital bills and equipment for disease prevention and control. We believe that good health is the best asset they need in order to carry out the projects they have in the rural areas.

Emergency interventions in times of crises

When there is a crisis affecting disadvantaged persons like women, children and the handicapped, we send our teams to the field to assess their needs and then we carry out fundraising to meet some of the needs. Such crises include natural disasters, man-made disasters, armed conflicts, war, genocide, etc. We try to provide basic necessities like food, water , clothing and shelter


Meet the ATRUD Community
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These are the men and women who have been sacrificing to make sure that ATRUD can change lives and empower communities.
Becoming a Partner of ATRUD
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If you have a company or an organization that has the same objectives as ATRUD, we can be partners with mutual benefits.
Donate through ATRUD to change and empower lives
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Your donations help ATRUD in the execution of projects in education, health and disaster-hit areas.
ATRUD Membership
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Here are the different kinds of membership that you can have at ATRUD. Select one and become part of ATRUD.
Hiring new staff for the new office in Limbe-Southwest region of Cameroon
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ATRUD hires new staff for its new office in Limbe coastal town - Southwest region - Cameroon.
Visit to Kids For Tomorrow Foundation, Ikom, Nigeria
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Bringing smiles to the faces of underprivileged children in Ifom - Nigeria.