Our Vision

Our vision is quality education for every child, economic empowerment, peace, justice and environmental protection.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, improve and advocate for the rights of children, women and vulnerable groups with protection needs.

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 We offer training programs

Our first goal is to educate and provide those in need with skills that can enable them carry out income-generating and sustainable activities. We target school dropouts, youths and adults who don't have access to education or can't afford to pay for the studies they need. We believe that good education is the key to an independent life without relying on the government.

We collaborate with hospitals and health centers

In collaboration with clinics, hospitals and health centers, we help the sick and disabled, especially those based in rural areas by providing them with basic health care, subsidies for hospital bills and equipment for disease prevention and control. We believe that good health is the best asset they need in order to carry out the projects they have in the rural areas.

Emergency interventions in times of crises

When there is a crisis affecting disadvantaged persons like women, children and the handicapped, we send our teams to the field to assess their needs and then we carry out fundraising to meet some of the needs. Such crises include natural disasters, man-made disasters, armed conflicts, war, genocide, etc. We try to provide basic necessities like food, water , clothing and shelter

ATRUD Latest News

Meet the ATRUD Core Team
By Admin | |
These are the men and women who have been sacrificing to make sure that ATRUD can change lives and empower communities.
Becoming a Partner of ATRUD
By Admin | |
If you have a company or an organization that has the same objectives as ATRUD, we can be partners with mutual benefits.
Donate through ATRUD to change and empower lives
By Admin | |
Your donations help ATRUD in the execution of projects in education, health and disaster-hit areas.
Supporting Basic Education and Empowering Pupils
By Admin | |
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela
Building a Career Working in NGOs
By Admin | |
Working in NGOs is one of the best ways to give back to the society and create impact.
ATRUD Volunteers
By Admin | |
Volunteering is a noble thing to do whether you are rich or not. It makes the world a better place.
Children of Graceland Orphanage Receive Christmas Gifts
By Admin | |
Partners of ATRUD donate end-of-year gifts to Graceland Orphanage in Limbe, Southwest region, Cameroon.
ATRUD Donors Surpise Kids with School Resumption Package
By Admin | |
Education remains a top priority to ATRUD and the goal is to give disadvantaged children a chance too, in a society where education is fast becoming a luxury reserved only for the rich.
Summer Code Camp for Kids
By Admin | |
Coding is the future. It is the best investment you can give a child right now, equivalent to giving that child a job 10years later.
Fundraising Drive For Victorious
By Admin | |
10-year old Victorious is in dire need of help to tackle her health disabilities.
A Million Smiles Association Co-Organizes Training Seminar With ATRUD
By Admin | |
Gender-based violence is prevalent in rural areas in Cameroon and young mothers are the most vulnerable group.
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