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Becoming a Partner of ATRUD
If you have a company or an organization that has the same objectives as ATRUD, we can be partners with mutual benefits.

Who can be an ATRUD Partner?

These are usually companies or other organizations and associations that see a common cause and decide to partner with ATRUD either on a permanent basis or for the execution of specific projects. when this happens, the terms of partnership are drawn up and signed by both parties before the partnership goes into effect.

We prioritize partners from sectors such as: education, training, health, agriculture, rural development, conflict management / resolution, gender equality, women empowerment and human rights, because these sectors are directly connected to the main objectives of ATRUD.

How to become an ATRUD Partner?

The first step is to read more about ATRUD and understand what kinds of projects we carry out. If your organization identifies with these projects then you may be eligible.

Write to ATRUD expressing your interest, mentioning how you would like to partner. ATRUD officials will deliberate on the partnership proposal then respond accordingly. This process can take up to one week before the final signing of the partnership agreement. During this period ATRUD does some due diligence on the would-be partner. When everything is verified and both parties are on the same page,  an agreement is then made and signed before the partnership goes into effect.

Common partnership ideas include:

  • Website ad partnership: Placing ATRUD's Logo and ads on a partner's website and ATRUD doing the same.
  • Venue partnership: Letting ATRUD use a partner's location as venue for events, training workshops, etc..
  • Logistics partnership: Providing a means of transportation. Letting ATRUD use a partner's automobile temporarily or permanently.
  • Human resources partnership: Letting your staff put their expertise at the service of ATRUD on specific projects or permanently.
  • Catering partnership: Providing food, drinks and snacks during ATRUD activities or to permanent staff working at ATRUD.

Details on the nature of partnership must be clearly mentioned in the partnership agreement and approved by both parties.

Signatories of partnership agreements must be at least senior employees of both parties.


Current ATRUD Partners.

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