ATRUD Donors Surpise Kids with School Resumption Package

Education remains a top priority to ATRUD and the goal is to give disadvantaged children a chance too, in a society where education is fast becoming a luxury reserved only for the rich.

Children Full of Grace Orphanage in Limbe, Cameroon receive back-to-school support package.

ATRUD kept its tradition of supporting children at school resumption again as third term holidays in Cameroon came to an end and preparations for the academic year 2022/23 entered full gear.

Thanks to the special contribution from an ATRUD member and donor, Mr. Oru Foster Oben, ATRUD's Coordinator in Cameroon Mr. Tabot Leonel was able to put together a support package for the lucky beneficiaries. The Children Full Of Grace Orphanage is an establishment at Mile 4, Limbe, Cameroon, that was founded by a Pastor, Mama Lydia and has children studying both in primary and secondary schools. Most of the children lack good education because they don't have basic materials like books.

The children received school bags, books, pens, pencils, etc. during the ceremony and in addition to the package, ATRUD promised to get some of the children enroll in training programs currently going on at the ATRUD head office such as training on basic computer knowledge and operations.

ATRUD is pleading for more donations to support educational projects run by ATRUD to ensure that more disadvantaged children get educated. Donors can choose to sponsor an orphan directly by paying their school fees or donate through ATRUD for the running of training programs that help many children in need. Donors who prefer to donate materials are also welcome. Books, computers, and other materials are all welcome.